Project Eligibility Requirements and FAQs

How are projects selected?

TCU University Advancement and the Office of Loyalty Giving, in their sole discretion, will determine the eligibility of participating FrogFunding projects. University Advancement and the Office of Loyalty Giving may discontinue an active fundraiser at any time because of a project’s failure to comply with TCU’s Crowdfunding Policy (See Terms and Conditions).

What if I don't have a TCU account, can I still use FrogFunding to raise funds for my project?

To ensure compliance with Texas Christian University guidelines, all crowdfunding projects must have an approved philanthropic gift fund and account set up through Financial Services in conjunction with University Advancement where donations can be accepted and then distributed to the respective campus unit’s account. Groups may use a gift fund associated with a sponsoring unit, such as a department or program, with the approval of the finance officer in that area.

Can FrogFunding be used for another charity?

No, all projects must support TCU programs and initiatives. Funds cannot be redirected to a third-party, external charity or other non-profit. TCU cannot act as a “passthrough” entity to provide funding to other charities.

Will TCU fundraise for me?

It is up to the FrogFunding project groups to contact their personal affinities and contact lists. While TCU may promote the FrogFunding platform during campaigns and throughout the year, groups should not rely on this for fundraising success. TCUdoes not provide any contact data on alumni, parents, friends or students, but we can help you identify likely donors within your own network.

What is the time commitment?

You will need to spend about three hours each week for eight weeks (four weeks prior to the campaign and the four weeks of the campaign) working on fundraising.

What if I don’t reach my fundraising goal?

If the project is not fully funded within the allotted timeframe, any monies raised will still be allocated to the project. All funds, even without meeting the goal, should be spent to offset the cost of the promoted project or utilized to the group’s best ability.Project team members should still notify their donors and inform them how their donations will be spent.