2021 TCU Esports Project

A project by: Asa Tuten

pledged of $17,500 target
TCU Esports is seeking your help in getting funding for Computer set ups for players to utilize.

TCU Esports is looking to fundraise $12,000 to purchase PCs for our players to utilize for practices, scrimmages, and tournaments to help create a better community around our organization and help pull more interest in Esports on campus.

Hi there! My name is Asa Tuten, and I am a Senior Computer Science Student and President of TCU’s Esports Club. The Esports Club started back in 2017 as a Sports Club to help students interested in Esports and has since grown to over 30 players who compete in titles such as League of Legends, Valorant, Rocket League, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Overwatch.

One of the main issues we struggle with is that we do not have a location on campus for our players to compete, nor do we have a place for spectators and potential members to watch our competitions. This hinders our ability to build a larger community on campus. Many peer and aspirant universities have PCs for their Esports players for competitions against other universities, whereas we are isolated at our individual setups.

By the time I graduate, my goal is to help our Esports organization establish an in-person setup in order to practice and compete. This is the first step to establishing a solid Esports organization on campus and allows us the opportunity to compete at a higher level. The Esports Club is planning some rivalry matches against SMU next semester and would love the opportunity to compete against them in person. Having PCs for us to play in person against them would be an incredible opportunity. The gifts we receive will go towards the following:

  • 5 Gaming Computers ($10,000)
  • Streaming Equipment ($500)
  • Tables & Chairs ($1,000)
  • Network Equipment ($500)

In the future, we would love to have the opportunity to have a permanent set up on campus for students to utilize, to socialize over playing video games and watching Esports. Follow us on social media to get updates regarding our organization and competition schedule.



If you or anyone you know of might be interested in supporting us, please share this with them! We would love all the support we could receive!

Thanks, and Go Frogs!