AddRan Ambassadors Program

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AddRan Ambassadors Program

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What are you are going to do with a degree in the liberal arts? This is an age-old question that countless students who major in the liberal arts encounter. I am raising $5000- $9,000 to launch an AddRan Ambassadors program for first-year students to cultivate a sense of community, engage new students, provide leadership opportunities, and most importantly to provide students with skill sets to communicate the value of their liberal arts degree. This is an amazing, groundbreaking new program that will help students communicate the value and importance of the liberal arts, engage with alumni, and put their future degree in action.  

Who are you? I am Sonja Watson, Dean of the AddRan College of Liberal Arts and Professor of Spanish. Most importantly, I am an ambassador for the liberal arts. Through the AddRan Ambassadors program, I would like to engage alumni and community stakeholders to provide our students with leadership experience and core career competencies. I am passionate about the liberal arts. I would like to develop a core career competencies workshop series specifically designed for AddRan Ambassadors and other students in the liberal arts that focuses on the following: Analytical & Critical Thinking, Ethical Reasoning & Decision Making , Oral & Written Communication, Engaging Diversity, Cultural Competence, Active Citizenship & Community Engagement, Digital Literacy, Career Management , and Global Engagement, competencies that are central to the AddRan liberal arts experience. The core career competencies workshop compliments our highly successful "Make your Major Work" class.

What will the funding support? The funding will support up to 50 student ambassadors to purchase food and t-shirts/polo shirts and to fund workshops that focus on core career competencies in the liberal arts.

What will you do with extra funds if things really take off and you raise more than your target? The extra funds will be used for seed money for next year’s ambassadors’ program. This is an ongoing initiative.

How often will you give updates on progress when you're running your project or campaign? We will provide weekly updates via social media and our website.

T-shirts/polos- $2500 • Food • $2500

Workshops Series on Core Career Competencies: • 1) $1000 • 2) $1000 • 3) $1000 • 4) $1000

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Instagram @tculiberal arts @TCUAddRan

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