TCU Collegiate Recovery Community Impact Project

A project by: Megan Morris

pledged of $10,000 target
Three students striving to create a safe space for the TCU Collegiate Recovery Community.

our project

Our names are Taylor Webb, Collin Sundsted, and Megan Morris and we are juniors in the BNSF Neeley Leadership Program. The three of us are working on an Impact Project and all found a common interest in mental health due to our personal backgrounds. In looking into different mental health programs on campus we were drawn to the Collegiate Recovery Community here at TCU and how it has been able to help students on campus. After interviewing students and counselors, we found there is a lack of space on campus for students in recovery to feel comfortable and safe during their recovery process. As a result, the three of us are motivated to discover a way to impact students in recovery and help them feel more comfortable on campus with a dedicated floor and/or rooms on campus. 

students in recovery

Staying sober on a college campus no longer has to be an oxymoron. As three college students, we have seen the effects alcohol has on students and the severity of peer pressure. Addiction can impact all college students in various ways and the three of us want to provide a safe space for those struggling on campus. Donors have an incredible opportunity to support college students better their mental health by being in a safe and welcoming environment. Students will be able to feel more comfortable within their recovery process and not be around triggering events that take place on the weekends and weekdays. 

Where will the money go?

  • Couch: $1,000
  • Ping Pong Table: $1,000
  • Rolling Chairs: $1,000
  • Tables for Studying: $1,000
  • TV: $1,200
  • Xbox: $600
  • Coffee/Espresso Machine: $300
  • Non-alcoholic Beverages: $200
  • Kitchenware: $100
  • Event Budget (Weekly Themed Meetings/Events): $1,000
  • Fridge: $2,000
  • Speaker: $100
  • Printer: $200
  • Recovery Literature (12-step literature, SMART recovery, and other recovery support workbooks and materials for support meetings): $300

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Help us succeed!

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