March Methodist Mission Opportunity

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Help TCU Wesley students be involved in the March Methodist Mission Opportunity to Acuna, Mexico.

A short summary of our project

We are raising $3,250 so that TCU Wesley can participate in the March Methodist Mission Opportunity by sending our students to Mexico to build a house for a family in need.

Who we are

We are the TCU Wesley Foundation, a student ministry affiliated with the Methodist church that seeks to  enable TCU students to encounter god and become disciples of Jesus Christ.

our story

We are raising money with the hopes of sending a team to Acuña, Mexico to build a house for a family in need during our spring break. This project will directly effect the family that will receive this house. These families are in desperate need of a home that is safe and we are able to provide that through this program. Beyond this, however, our students will be greatly impacted by this experience. They will learn the importance of service and see, first-hand, the change that they can enact in this world. Going to Mexico and building a house for a family in need could help open our eyes to the poverty that surrounds us every day in our own community. Sometimes we can become blind to need in our community and this trip will teach new ways to serve others that we can then bring back to TCU and the surrounding Fort Worth community. This all works towards our mission by sharing God's love with these families and each other.

Where the money will go

All funds will go directly to the cost of the mission trip. This includes transportation, housing, food and dining, supplies and tools, and costs for our informational and orientation meetings.

Budget Breakdown:

  • Transportation (rental vans, insurance and gas): $1,250
  • Housing: $700
  • Meals and Dining: $600
  • Tools and Supplies: $550
  • Information Meetings and Orientation: $150

photos from past mission trips

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