TCU Rhino Initiative

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Help us raise money for wildlife conservation and welfare in Africa.

our project

The student-led TCU Rhino Initiative Club aims to raise $10,000 for the TCU Rhino Initiative benefiting wildlife conservation and welfare in Africa.

Who we are

The Rhino Initiative Club gives students a chance to be involved in the TCU Rhino Initiative through spreading awareness, raising funds, and organizing events for rhino conservation. We are a group of students with a passion for conservation of endangered species who want to make a difference in the global extinction crisis.


Katie Lawton | President | Senior | Environmental Science Major, Biology Minor

Camilla Price | Vice President | Sophomore | Biology Major, Journalism Minor

Madeline Bailey | Treasurer | Senior | Accounting Major

Julie Miler | Public Relations Coordinator | Junior | Marketing & Film Double Major

Annie Deck | Event Coordinator | Senior | Environmental Science Major, Sustainability Minor

Dr. Michael Slattery | Faculty Advisor

our story

On the TCU study abroad trip to South Africa in 2019, our group of students had the unique opportunity to work alongside wildlife veterinarians and conservationists in the field. We were able to participate hands-on with important procedures and check ups on elephants, zebras, and rhinos.

We also learned about the reality of the rhino crisis; that rhinos are being brutally poached for their horns at a rate of over three per day. After seeing the impacts of the rhino crisis firsthand, we felt called to action. We started the TCU Rhino Initiative Club to get students involved in saving the majestic rhino from afar.

The animals at Amakhala continually need medical procedures, monitoring, protection, and conservation. All proceeds through the TCU Rhino Club will go directly towards ensuring the welfare and safety of the animals in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. We would be so appreciative of any support you can offer! With your donation, you can rest assured that your money is being used to make a global difference for species in need.

Where will the money go?

Every year, the TCU Rhino Club raise funds toward expenses for rhino conservation at Amakhala Game Reserve in South Africa. Your donation could cover anything from rhino dehorning procedures to anti-poaching patrols.

South Africa is home to 80% of the world’s rhinos - but this year, reserves and national parks like Amakhala are struggling due to COVID-19. With decreased funds from ecotourism, local vets need funds to cover basic health procedures for the reserve’s wild residents - and you can help.

Any funds raised towards our goal go directly toward protecting and conserving wildlife in South Africa, so every cent will be put to great use! Here are some examples of what your donations could cover:

$10 would cover the cost of two injections in the treatment of an injured rhino

$50 would cover the cost of an anti-poaching tracking dog in the field for one day

$200 would cover the cost of all injections in the treatment of an injured rhino

$300 would cover the cost of one rhino VHF tracker that enables an anti-poaching unit to locate a rhino 24/7

$4,000 would cover the cost of an entire elephant procedure

Thank you for your support! We will give frequent updates on our fundraising progress on our Instagram page, @tcurhinoclub. Follow us for updates!

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  • If you are able to donate, we would greatly appreciate it! Any amount is helpful in getting us closer to our goal.
  • You can also support us by sharing this project with others through social media.
  • If you're a TCU student interested in learning more or joining our club, contact us on our Instagram page or join us on Engage!
  • If you're in the Fort Worth area, consider joining us at the annual Rhino Run 5K to participate in the Rhino Initiative's main event of the year benefiting our cause! *Due to COVID-19, this year’s event has been postponed to September 2021. Stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook for more details and registration!