Delta Gamma Gamma Tau Diane Turner Memorial Scholarship

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Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of TCU and Delta Gamma by honoring Diane Turner.

The Memorial Scholarship created in Diane Turner's name has benefitted six Gamma Tau students at TCU since its inception. This scholarship was established in 2016 through the generosity of the Gamma Tau House Corporation - Delta Gamma and benefits members of TCU's Delta Gamma. 

Impact stories:

Bella Kouretas

"As a recent graduate of TCU I have been able to reflect on the impact the Diane Turner Memorial Scholarship had on me. This scholarship allowed me to pursue an education in biology and cultural awareness in healthcare as I chase my dream of becoming a physician assistant. As a student who was involved in both academic programs and extracurriculars, it was really helpful to me to have this financial support." says Bella Kouretas, a past recipient of this scholarship.

Micaela Villafuerte

Micaela Villafuerte, a scholarship recipient says, "It was a great honor to have received the Diane Turner Memorial Scholarship. I am a part of an amazing sorority with such incredible women and receiving this scholarship has allowed me to continue to stay in the sorority and develop more as a person. I am currently the Director of Senior Programming in Delta Gamma, and I have held a Director position all 3 years in Delta Gamma. I have also used this scholarship with confidence outside of my sorority by achieving success in all my nursing courses and serving as the president of TCU Women's Club Soccer in 2022-2023. Because of the people who put their faith in me with this honor, I have learned how to become a better leader, friend, and an overall person. I am so thankful to have received this scholarship and grow from my time as a Delta Gamma and being here at TCU." 

Evan Shea Olmstead

Evan Shea Olmstead, a scholarship recipient says, "It meant the world to me to receive this scholarship. Throughout my time as a Delta Gamma, I have not been able to participate and get involved as much as I would have liked to. At the moment, I am working two jobs with a full time school schedule and have felt nothing but support from my sisters despite not being able to be hands on. This scholarship made me feel like I was still a part of the sorority and meant something to the chapter. I have never received awards or scholarships before, so receiving a scholarship from Delta Gamma meant everything to me. The women in my chapter of Delta Gamma are the definition of the “Do Good Sisterhood” and to be one of the recipients of this scholarship was so honoring and I am proud to be able to represent my chapter."

Celebrate 150 years!

Delta Gamma and TCU were both founded in 1873 so as Gamma Taus, we are celebrating 150 years on both accounts. In honor of this significant milestone, we would love to see at least 150 sisters supporting this fund with a meaningful gift of any amount. Celebrate the 150th by giving $15, $150 or $1,500 or any amount you desire.

Turner made such an impact on so many, let's honor her memory and achievements by supporting this scholarship and as Turner would say "Anchors Up!" This scholarship is awarded through TCU's financial aid office each fall and two Gamma Tau collegians benefit annually.

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Any gift is meaningful to help a sister with the cost of their TCU education and experiences. After all, that's what a sister's for...