Orientation 2020 Takes on NODA!

A project by: Rebecca Thompson



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Help send the 2020 Orientation team to the regional NODA conference!

What is noda?

Every year, the Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention in Higher Education organizes regional NODA conferences where student orientation leaders come together to build community within their teams and with students from other universities. The conference offers workshop classes to improve the skills and knowledge of the orientation teams as well as opportunities to exchange ideas with other schools. Additionally, going to the conference gives students the experience of attending a professional conference and making connections - skills they can carry with them to whatever their future profession may be!

TCU Orientation 2020

The tcu orientation team is comprised of twenty student leaders. we are all unique individuals who come from different backgrounds and areas of the TCU community. However, one thing we all have in common is a passion for leadership and creating the best first year experience we can for our incoming students!

Why are we fundraising?

Usually, the Orientation Coordinators are the only students who attend the regional NODA conference. However, this year we would like Orientation Coordinators and Orientation Leaders to experience the conference so our whole team can benefit from the workshops and sessions offered, creating a stronger first year experience for our newest Horned Frogs.

  • Due to the increase in the number of students attending the conference, we need help covering the cost of transportation, hotel rooms, conference registration, and other expenses.
  • As a donor, you will be directly contributing to the enhancement of TCU's Orientation program. This conference gives us the opportunity to bring new ideas back to TCU to improve the orientation experience for first year students and their families.

Where will the money go?

  • Every contribution that is made to our campaign goes directly towards our attendance of the conference:
  • Conference registration for twenty students: $3,255
  • Hotel costs (7 rooms @ $169/night for 2 nights): $2,366
  • Travel costs: approximately $500
  • Meal costs: approximately $1,050
  • If extra funds are raised, they will go into a reserve so we can attend future NODA conferences!

Orientation pictures

Here are some photos of what we do as the Orientation staff! 

Photos are of the 2019 Orientation staff. Photos by Ethan Mito.

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spread the word!

  • No amount is too small! Every little bit donated goes directly towards our attendance of the NODA conference.
  • If you aren't able to give money at this time, please help us out by promoting our fundraising page! Sharing the link on social media is a great way to help us out!
  • Whether you donate, share our page, or both, we want to thank you for contributing to our efforts to attend the NODA conference and for giving us a chance to learn and grow as an Orientation team. Without your support, this trip would not be possible. Thank you!!