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Help the us grow in our faith and create a sense of community!

OUr project

The TCU Muslim Student Association is raising money to lay a foundation for an established presence at TCU through engaging student events and experiences. Our central goal is to take part in MSA Showdown, a series of competitions between MSAs at universities across Texas hosted in San Antonio. 


Our mission is to grow in our faith, create a sense of community for the Muslim student body, and give back to TCU and the larger Fort Worth Community.  

our story

The TCU Muslim Student Association is an organization which is trying to reestablish our presence in the TCU community. Without consistent funds and proper support, the Muslim Student Association has struggled to be a part of our campus. We now have a new Muslim Community Adviser, faculty and staff advisers, and strong leadership. The only element holding back the growth of our organization Is a lack of finances.

Regardless, we have been able to hold several community-building events, host weekly Jumma services, and create a support system for our current student members. Your help is important because as young Muslims in America we need a support system, and a means of positive interfaith discourse, especially with widespread misconceptions and xenophobia surrounding the Muslim Community.  

With your help, we hope to support each other, engage in interfaith work, grow in our faith, and to just have fun!

Breakdown of the costs

    Showdown: $5,000 

  • Transportation (Bus Tickets for 20): $50 each, $1,000 total
  • Hotel rooms (for 20, 2 nights): $117 per room per night, $1,638 total
  • Meals (dinner for two nights.): $15 per person, $600 total
  • Apparel (shirts and jackets ordered from Custom Ink) $15 per shirt, $20 per jacket, $700 total

   community events/other costs: $2,500

  • 3 campus events $250 each
  • future fundraising event $1000
  • other costs $ 750



For more questions email the MSA President at:

Help us succeed!

We encourage you to support us in our mission through financial support, or by simply using your own networks to help further our cause. Please like, share, retweet, repost, to help us reach more potential champions of the TCU MSA. We sincerely appreciate your support. Go frogs!