New TCU Ice Hockey Jerseys

A project by: Owen Roche


WE RAISED $12,860

from 68 donors

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No shoutout needed, just a Canadian hockey fan with a TCU student, Havey Robson.

Hello all Frogs and supporters, Calling all previous frogs, present frogs, their parents, extended families and friends and as a grandparents of a very special IceHockey Frog, all you grandparents to donate to keep this TCU Hockey team alive. Ice Hockey is essential to the healthy Mental Health of stressed students. We ( my husband, Our daughter and I) have donated to this worthy cause. Please join us ! Be an example of support for young people ! Thank you, Rosemarie and Edward Authier( proud grandparents of two amazing Hockey players)

Good luck to Owen and team!!!

By the way, have you thought about auctioning off your old jerseys to raise money or will you use them for practice?

Good luck patrick! πŸ’œ #ftb

Good luck this season.

Best wishes on the success of your fundraising!! Go TCU hockey!!! πŸ’œπŸΈπŸ’πŸ₯…