The Women's Center Monologues 5th Anniversary Chapbook

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Hope Starts Here

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The Women’s Center Monologues 5th anniversary chapbook will include a compilation of stories from past interviews conducted by the eleven40seven staff with The Women's Center of Tarrant County's staff members, community partners, and survivors of sexual assault and violence. These stories highlight the Center's motto: Hope Starts Here.

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eleven40seven is TCU’s student-run, undergraduate journal of the arts. Originally started by the Bryson Literary Society in 2005, the journal now operates independently, run by an undergraduate staff and one faculty advisor.

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The goal for this service-learning course, Publication Production: The Women's Center Monologues, is not only to give students the opportunity to work directly with a nonprofit organization in the Fort Worth community, but also to provide a platform for often silent voices to be heard. In working with The Women’s Center of Tarrant County for the past four years, both goals have been achieved.

Our monologues have featured employees who work as full-time staff, Play It Safe! Educators/trainers, hospital response back-ups, and other volunteers. In Spring 2022, we featured survivors’ stories for the first time and worked directly with their therapists as well. Stories they have shared range from being survivors of sexual and domestic violence to stories about why The Women's Center is a vital organization in our community.

Here is a link to past chapbooks:

The Women's Center Monologues chapbook affords The Women’s Center with a tangible item that they can use not only to show potential clients how they have created a positive impact for others, but it is also a promotional tool that can be used to seek continued funding for the work they are doing. They rely heavily on funding and promotion to keep their services in operation so they can serve their clients. This project will allow us the opportunity to continue with our chapbook and honor those who have shared their personal stories with us for the past 4 years.

Both The Women’s Center and students have given testimonials about how important the work that we are doing is and continues to be.  A former student reflected on her experience with this project: "These kinds of projects are so important for students to be a part of because it opens up a perspective shift that is way beyond the tiny little TCU bubble and starts the catalyst for that real-world knowledge that everyone will need as they move throughout the rest of college and beyond. This project changed my life in ways I’ve never expected. I feel like as result of being a part of this project, I am more aptly prepared to be an ethical leader and responsible citizen in this global community. I’m eternally grateful."

Where will the money go?

Money collected through Frog Funding in Fall 2022 will be used for the creation and publication of the 5th anniversary edition of The Women's Center Monologues chapbook, which will be designed, created, and distributed in Spring 2023. During the spring semester, funds will be used for the printing and publication costs of the chapbook. One chapbook costs roughly $10/each for high quality paper and cover stock, so for us to be able to do a 350-print run, we need to raise $3500 to achieve our goal.  Copies will be distributed at eleven40seven’s Spring 2023 Release Party and directly to The Women’s Center.

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