Women's Club Lacrosse Team

A project by: Katie Lawton


WE RAISED $3,050

from 31 donors

Help the women's lacrosse team raise money to cover the cost of uniforms, a coach, & transportation.

our mission

The TCU Women's Club Lacrosse Team is aiming to raise $4,000 to get new uniforms, hire a coach, and cover the cost of transportation to away games. These goals would take our team's success to the next level, and we would appreciate your support as we strive to grow our club here at TCU.

our team

the TCU Women's lacrosse team has been active for about six years. we are a club team run by students with a love for the sport:

emily citarella - president

katie lawton - vice president

natalie mcdonald - treasurer

you can follow our team's progress throughout the season on our instagram: @tcuwomenslacrosse

help us make tcu proud!

Our team is a part of the Texas Women's Lacrosse League and competes against teams from all over Texas and Louisiana. In our last season in 2019, we came in first at playoffs as the Texas Division II Champions. With your support, we hope to continue our success and have another great season in 2020! This money would help us be extra prepared to perform at the best of our ability and reach our full potential as a team!

Our team is excited to be getting new uniforms for the 2020 season because we were in need of showing our colors proudly and looking like a cohesive, competitive, and spirited team. The new uniforms are expensive, but they are performance material jerseys with logos and lettering in compliance with TCU's licensing standards.

Although we've had success as a team in recent seasons, our team has been without a coach for a few years now. Having a coach would be very helpful in providing structure and enhanced leadership to our practices and games to help us perform at the top of our game and stay motivated.

Also, we'd love to fundraise enough to cover the cost of transportation to and from away games and playoffs. This would take a lot of pressure off of our students from commuting for hours to and from games at other universities.

Unfortunately, the added costs of uniforms, coaching staff, and transportation are not within our current budget, and to be able to cover them would cause a significant increase in player dues. One of the main issues the team would face is losing potential players due to the high cost of participating in the club. As a donor, you will know that your gift has helped students continue to play the game they love at the college level. 

Where will the money go?

  • Here is a breakdown of where the money raised will go:
  • $2,700 - New team uniforms
  • $800 - Coach salary
  • $500 - Team transportation
  • If we are able to raise more than our goal amount, we would love to put the funds towards additional expenses that aren't currently possible for our club, such as extra apparel items (backpacks, socks, headbands, etc.), team dinners, or hiring additional coaching staff.
  • We will provide frequent updates on fundraising progress throughout the duration of our campaign on our Instagram page, to let our supporters know how close we are to reaching our goal!

Help us succeed!

  • Our team would be so appreciative if you could support our goals with a donation! Any amount is helpful- it's all about teamwork!
  • Whether you donate or simply spread the word about our project, we would love your help! Share this page on Facebook, Twitter, email, text, etc. to help us raise awareness.
  • You can also support us by watching us play; we love our fans! Find game times and other lacrosse content on our Instagram: @tcuwomenslacrosse