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The Frogfunding Process

1. Identify a Funding Opportunity

The FrogFunding platform is is designed to connect projects that support the University's strategic plan, "Vision in Action: Lead On" with donors who wish to advance the work of TCU. Students, staff and faculty of TCU are all welcome to submit project proposals. Eligible projects:

  • Directly benefit TCU programs and initiatives

  • Have an approved philanthropic gift fund (groups may use a gift fund associated with a sponsoring unit, such as a department or program)

  • Have been approved by the associated school, college or administrative unit

2. Submit your project for approval

Before you can create and launch your project on the FrogFunding platform, you and receive approval from TCU's division of University Advancement.

Application form

TCU University Advancement and the Office of Loyalty Giving will review project applications and notify project leader of the outcome within a few days of being received.

3. Build your Campaign

Plan to spend considerable time developing "the pitch" for funding your campaign. Photos and videos are strongly encouraged, as well as writing personal emails and creating content for social media. The moderator page walks you through each step of building your FrogFunding project.

After you submit your project a member of the Office of Loyalty Giving will review it and launch it.

4. Promote Your Funding Campaign

Once your project "goes live" on FrogFunding, share your message with a select inner circle of people who already know about it. Continue to spread the word with other broader networks through messaging specifically tailored to them. Get creative and have fun!

TCU Crowdfunding Toolkit

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